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Top tips

There are many roads and paths in and around Storuman. We have chosen to highlight just a few, but more can be found on the Friluftskartan map which can be downloaded here or picked up at the Tourist Information Office in Storuman


Well-known hiker Angeliqa Mejstedt describes how it feels to go walking. Hikefullness is a made-up word, but most hikers can relate to its meaning. Imagine what it feels like when the sunlight shines through the trees at just the right angle, when the wind causes the leaves to rustle in the tree tops, or when you breath in fresh smell of moist earth and moss after a summer fall of rain.

It can also be used to describe the moment when you sit at the water’s edge after a long day’s hike, light a fire and watch the flames dance in the moonlight. Life at that one brief moment is complete. There is no yesterday nor tomorrow, just here and now. Hikefullness.

Source: vandringsbloggen.com


Trails and paths

Shoreline walk

A very pleasant walk following the edges of the lake that is both picturesque and close to the town centre. It does pass through private property so please ensure any dogs are kept on leads. Parts of the path pass through wooded areas and the surface becomes uneven but much is bark covered so boots are not required.


An easy path on the northern banks of the Gunnarbäcken river. Also suitable for cross-country biking.

Church trail: Storuman – Stensele

The 6 km trail starts at the “Kyrkstigen” sign, situated on the E12, 1 km north of Storuman. It leads through varied terrain to the church in Stensele and takes about 90 minutes to complete. On arriving at the railway station in Stensele there are several choices of path all of which lead to the church.

Three peaks

Climb to the top of three hills, and experience the amazing views. Information about the three: Kyrkberget, Forsviksberget and Utsikten, all near Storuman, is available from Hotell Toppen which can also provide maps and arrange for a guide to accompany you if required. www.hotelltoppen.se

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