Storuman’s summer café culture

A winning combination of countryside, service, culinary expertise and commercial entrepreneurship

A winning combination of countryside, service, culinary expertise and commercial entrepreneurship. The summer cafés in Storuman, with their great settings, are perfect places in which to relax.

Kåtaholmen, part of the Luspholmarna set of islets is the location of Hembygdsgården, which houses the local museum. Surrounded by tall Douglas firs and in a sandy bay, the old timbered building offers a charming and relaxing atmosphere.

Central Storuman is renowned for its relaxed pace of life, but take a trip to the Hembygdsgården and you can chill out even more. The journey is best enjoyed by taking the road, with the gentle lake waters on either side, on foot or by bike. Head off over the suspension bridge and you are soon there.

The home-made cakes are ready and waiting and don’t forget to try the freshly baked bread. Just the aroma is enough to get your mouth watering. This is all part and parcel of your voyage of discovery into Swedish food and the tradition of baking bread that has been an important activity for Storuman and the whole of the Västerbotten region.

Hembygdsgården has its own oven, where wood burns in the hearth and flames protrude from its heart. Experienced hands mix the few and simple ingredients into balls of dough, which are rolled into thin slices and baked quickly before being taken out, brushed off and laid out to cool. Just add a layer of real butter and … savour the amazing taste of fresh bread.

Just add a layer of real butter  and … savour the amazing taste of fresh bread

It is all very simple, but unbelievably tasty! What makes fresh bread so good? One answer could be the combination of factors such as pure natural ingredients, expert bakers and a sprinkling of tradition and heritage.

Utsikten Summer Café (Utsikten means view)

The name gives it away. Just like Hembygdsgården, the café is run during the summer by a young entrepreneur. The Utsikten Summer Café is run by Alma and she bakes the cakes herselve too!

Located high up at the top of Stenseleberget hill it has, like the rest of Storuman, Mother Nature on the doorstep, with the steep road leading up to it running through an old forest with gnarly trees and lined by moss-covered stones. When you get here, you’ll see why it is called Utsikten as the whole west and north regions lie before you. In clear weather, you can see the mountains in far off Hemavan Tärnaby and the whole of Lake Storuman, with its islands, islets and bays spread in front of you.

Even the road has a story to tell. It is named after Storuman’s 2010 Winter Olympics biathlon  Champion Björn Ferry who still lives and works in Storuman. When he was training, he used ski roller skates to travel up and down the road. You don’t have to be an elite athlete to tackle it, but the car is an easier option.

2019 sees Alma running the café for the third year. She bids you all a warm welcome to the café at the top of the hill.

Text: Gina Gustafsson

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