Welcome to Storuman

Storuman is where people and roads come together

Storuman is a small community located within the great expanse of Lapland and a gateway to the mountain region. Surrounded by water, forests and wildlife, it’s a place where there is much to discover, both around the town and in the unspoilt countryside. The fishing opportunities are amazing, due to a myriad of quiet pools and fast flowing streams that are spread across a vast area – and no queues to access them. Get on a bike or lace up your walking shoes to explore the town, especially when a major event, such as Storumandagarna, Dansgalan or Swampsoccer, is taking place.

Storuman Forever – for ever

“If we are to sustain human life in the future, becoming a fossil-fuel free society and caretakers of our planet is something we all have to aspire to.

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