About Storuman


Storuman Municipality has close ties to the water, the forest and the wildlife that can be found here. There is so much to see and even more to discover beyond the town centre, whether you’re on foot, biking or in a car.  The town is named after Lake Storuman and was founded at the meeting point of two railway lines. The original settlement was called Luspen, the Sami word for lake delta. 

Today it is not only the railway which meets in Storuman, people and roads do too. A gateway to the mountain region and the key to the heart of Lapland, it is a town beautifully located amid deep forests and fantastic mountainous terrain. 

The fishing is excellent, with over 2,400 lakes and the Umeälven river providing endless opportunities for outdoor pursuits. Some of which are within 500 m of the railway station – great news for Inlandsbanan (the Inland Railway) travellers.

Storuman Municipality Facts

There are 5 912 inhabitants in the municipality.

Is a Sami administrative centre and home to about 14 850 reindeer.

It covers 750 km2 (it is larger than Singapore).

Has a station along Inlandsbanan railway.

Has snow from October until May.

Produces 33 times more electricity than it consumes.

Nearby Hemavan Tärnaby is northern Sweden’s largest ski resort.

Storuman is Sweden’s third deepest lake.

Is home to Sweden’s largest wooden church.


First weekend after midsummer
Storumandagarna – festival and market

First saturday after midsummer
Dansgalan– music festival

First weekend after midsummer
Swamp soccer

Kvarndagen (Mill day) in Långsjöby

Local Arts Day – Gratian local museum in Umnäs



Top three sights

Utsikten viewpoint, the local museum on Luspholmarna Islet Kåtaholmen and Stensele church.

All within 5 km of the railway station and easily accessible to visitors arriving via the Inlandsbanan. Also within walking or biking distance (bike hire available).