By car, bus, train and plane

Travelling to and from Storuman

Where travellers meet 

You can get here by car, bus and plane. In the summer you can go by the Inlandsbanan train.

You can drive on the E12 highway also known as the “Blå vägen”, one of Scandinavia’s most beautiful stretches. The highway goes from Umeå, along the beautiful Ume River to Storuman and further west to Hemavan Tärnaby, Mo i Rana and ends in Nesna at the far end of the Atlantic coast. You can also drive on the E45 highway also known as the “Inlandsvägen”, a stretch which in northern Sweden goes through untouched nature. The road starts in Gela in Sicily, Italy and ends in Alta in Norway.

The railway is a great alternative, especially if you have environmental concerns. Trains run day and night from Gothenburg or Stockholm to Umeå and from there you can take a bus or hire a car.

Amapola airline operates flights to Hemavan Tärnaby, South Lapland and Lycksele Airports.  You can also fly by SAS or Norwegian to Umeå from Stockholm Arlanda.


You can take the train from Gothenburg or Stockholm to Umeå and then travel with bus or hire a car from e.g. Sixt.

Telephone: +46 (0)771 75 75 75 (press 7)

Inlandsbanan (The Inland Railway)

A trip on Inlandsbanan will provide memories for a lifetime. Choose from a wide range of pre-bookable packaged trips or use the Inlandsbanan Card to travel freely and make your mind up as you go.

Telephone: +46 (0)771 53 53 53

Regional bus

In northern Sweden, the simplest way to travel by bus is to use Länstrafiken.

Telephone:  +46 (0)771 100 110


Rental Cars

You can rent a car and travel around Storumans neighbourhood to explore the area on your own. 

Bjurs Verkstad – Hyrbilen      Telephone;                            +46 (0)951-10600   Email ;  

Storumans Bil och El AB – Mabi biluthyrning                      Telephone;                             +46 (0)951-333 00                       Mail;

Fly to Hemavan Tärnaby Airport

Hemavan Tärnaby Airport is located 140 km from Storuman. Car rentalMabi och Avis.

Telephone:  +46 (0)954 305 30

Fly to South Lapland Airport

South Lapland Airport in Vilhelmina is located 70 km from Storuman. Car rental and taxis can be booked through the airport.

Telephone: +46 (0)940 398 88

Fly to Lycksele Airport

Lycksele is located 100 km from Storuman. Car rental and taxis can be booked through the airport.

Telephone: +46 (0)950 275 55