Up to the top in Storuman

Activitytips in #Storumanlapland

Climbing in Storuman is like climbing itself, it is creative, challenging and there is something for everyone! Whether you are experienced or just curious about what climbing can be like, there is always some challenge for you. At present, the indoor wall offers some easier climbing with top ropes and a basic course is offered for those who want to start safe and climbing. (Note. There may be restrictions depending on the Coronavirus)

For the experienced, there are endless amounts of undeveloped areas within everything from walking distance to half an hour drive from the villagecenter. Then it is mainly bouldering that applies and it is possible to borrow equipment. This is what you can find if you just want to climb or if you want to be a part of the development in outdoor climbing in the area. Contact Storumans Idrottsklubb via email or check out the group SIK Climbing on Facebook.

Welcome here!