Topptur – Forsviksberget @storumanlapland

Forsviksberget – steep paths and hidden views

A hike up at Forsviksberget is a real challenge. The path winds steep and well-trodden up along the ridge and good shoes are recommended. You start the hike between the car park and the factory Rottne. The start of the path is on a small road where it´s a sign in the edge of a clear-felled area, look for red / white cuts and red arrows at the beginning of the path and go towards the eastern edge of the clear-felled area. When you find the path, it is easy to find the way to the top.

At the foot of Forsviksberget two of our largest private employers in #storumanlapland are active. Rottne and Råsunda Mechanical Workshop in small Forsvik have customers all over the world. The factory and the village become smaller and smaller during the hike on the way to the top, to finally disappear completely and be replaced by mile-wide views of forests and lakes. Once up on the plateau, it is advisable to bring out the good coffee you brought in your backpack, perhaps fbought rom some local store in #storumanlapland.

Once you have rested your legs on the bench and your eyes on the view, the descent from the mountain remains. If you want an easier way down and up, we recommend that you follow the power line street on the “back” of the mountain with the help of a map. That road will also be cut with red and white cuts to make it easier to find the right one.