On railway tracks headed for moose tracks

Slowly chugging along on rails through the inland areas of northern Sweden and being captivated by the varied and beautiful natural scenes, where the tracks wind through breathtakingly beautiful surroundings, is an appealing summer holiday option. Inlandsbanan – “the slow train through Norrland” offers a unique experience as you traverse northern Sweden from Mora to Gällivare over two days, offering quiet natural entertainment where the traveller becomes part of the slowly changing landscape.

On the journey, Inlandsbanan explores the Norrland inland – a part of Sweden that is still unknown to many. At a time when “Swedish holidays” – travel within Sweden’s borders – are becoming increasingly popular, this region is a must-see up close. During the 130-mile journey, the Inlandsbanan crosses Sweden’s deep northern forest regions, where flows of pine, birch and spruce are interrupted by clear, mirror-clear lakes and wild rapids. At the end, the journey also passes the Laponia World Heritage Site in Gällivare and Jokkmokk, lined with marshes, glaciers and mountain massifs.

For those who want to see nature scenes that would fit into any nature programme at close quarters, the Inlandsbanan provides a stroll to the most unparalleled settings, chugging along at slow speed during the journey. The Inlandsbanan is an experience for those who want plenty of time to see natural environments in depth and who find the journey itself part of the goal.

The train stops occasionally to allow travellers to photograph misty ponds, rivers and sweeping views of forests. Here travellers can follow, at a slow pace, the spring and summer progress across Sweden. For those who want to see moose and wildlife first and foremost, the Inlandsbanan railway offers excellent conditions, as the track follows the route where moose have migrated for thousands of years towards the pastures in the north.

Along its journey through Ångermanland, the railway also passes the water areas where the moose swim over every year. In addition to following the moose tracks, the Inlandsbanan also crosses the vast inland reindeer pastures, where the train occasionally stops for crossing herds of reindeer. This creates the opportunity to see wildlife in real time, but this time as an interactive part of the action.

The sound of birds, melting ice and rushing winds will make many rediscover the thrill of slow waiting. There is a special joy in a slow journey towards the goal when it is lined with captivating natural landscapes. For those who want to experience the slow through a window, the Inland Railway awaits this summer.